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Delta Bikes Demo & Hire

We have new Whyte 23 demo bikes! Please call or visit for information. This page will be updated soon.

Full Terms and Conditions

  • You need a driving license or passport, and a chip and pin credit/debit card which is registered to the address on your ID.
  • Demo fee to be paid on your chip and pin card only.
  • Please be aware that demo bikes are for demonstration purposes only – they are not for general hire sorry! Please use the experience to see how the bike handles/suspension performs and if you would like to go on to purchase.
  • Under no circumstances are demo bikes to be entered into any form of competitive event.
  • Do NOT, under any circumstances remove and refit any parts OTHER than your own pedals if you are proficient in doing so. Our bikes are fully torque checked before each demo hire but we don’t want anyone to risk overtightening anything.
  • Please do not worry about cleaning the bike unless absolutely necessary. Most wear and tear is caused by bad washing practices and/or power washing so unless you must keep your car clean when transporting please do not worry – we’ll take care of it!
  • Minimum age to use a demo bike is 18 years old. Parents or guardians will be responsible and accept all liability for anyone under this age to use a demo bike.
  • In ten years, the only damage to have ever occurred on many hundreds of demo rides is a broken spoke so please don’t be put off. That being said, any damage caused due to abuse or negligence will be chargeable at our current prices and labour rates.
  • Please do not lend or allow others to use the bike – you will be responsible for any loss or damage.
  • Storing and looking after the bike is your responsibility. If the bike is lost/stolen, you will need to cover the cost at our current sale price. If you feel that you need to insure the bike this your responsibility.